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Rutgers Office of Economic Development

Client Name : Rutgers University
Location : New Brunswick, NJ
Project Date : 12/10/2011
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The purpose of establishing a Rutgers Office of Economic Development (OED) was to clearly define the role that the Rutgers plays as a catalyst for economic growth. With continued disinvestment in Rutgers by the state, as it was clear that the impacts of Rutgers’ research, teaching and outreach on local and state economies were not fully recognized. Establishing this office is an essential strategy to demonstrate the university’s commitment to supporting the state’s economy. It will also serve to increase the visibility, awareness and linkage of Rutgers programs to our external stakeholders.

Rutgers obtained the services of JD Giron in order to bring this Portal / Search Engine to life, providing search and browsing querying capabilities, as well as a unified resourceful one-stop-shop grouping all this important information.

This project features Web-Design, Web Application Development for Front end Dynamic content and Tailored Content Management System.