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Rutgers NJ CERN Search Engine

Client Name : Rutgers University
Location : New Brunswick, NJ
Project Date : 01/23/2012
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NJ CERN is a state-wide initiative led by the Rutgers EcoComplex and the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Business Accelerator. It is designed to assist renewable energy and energy efficiency companies to grow and prosper in New Jersey.
This NJ CERN Resource Database brings together, in one place, a wide-range of valuable business resources:

State and Federal renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives
Business financing opportunities
Policies and permitting information
Business development assistance
Green job training

The website can be navigated in several ways, allowing you to quickly locate the resources you want. Clicking on a topic listed under "Category Browsing" will reveal subcategories arranged by sector and administrative agency or organization. The site can also be navigated through the "Resource Search" box above. Just enter a keyword(s) and hit "search". For a more customized experience that allows you to save the searches and the resources important to you, click the "Register" tab at the top of the page.
About our work:
This project features a unique design front end, and a custom built Content Management System to manage categories, resources and eligible technology records. This search engine has a highly sophisticated search capability based on record relevance algorithms similar to Google's search concepts.