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  • Recognition given to JD Giron's Project by the NJ Borough of Public Utilities and Rutgers University
Today, I have to suit up and attend a meeting at the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University. The event intends to recognize the NJ CERN (http://njcern.rutgers.edu) Search Engine created for Rutgers' Renewable Energy Company Attraction program.

JD Giron, designed and developed this system and search engine for Rutgers University and the NJ Borough of Public Utilities.

The NJMC Accelerator wrote:

JD Giron, www.jdgiron.com, a technology company offering customer-focused solutions will be honored today at a press conference sponsored by the NJ Board of Public Utilities and Rutgers University for their creation of www.NJCERN.Rutgers.edu, a fabulous web tool developed to consolidates state and federal energy resources into one very easy to navigate website. The tool is now officially incorporated into BPU to attract clean energy companies to the state as well as support those already here. The tool offers a highly efficient way to navigate though the wide range of services and incentives offered by government and private entities providing links to state and federal energy and energy efficiency incentives, business financing opportunities, policy and permitting information, business development assistance and green job training..

JD Giron won a state-wide RFP which led to the creation of the tool. The idea began as a joint ‘paper” brochure marketing the NJMC Business Accelerator and the Rutgers EcoComplex as state-wide resources for alternative energy companies. With a $10,000 grant from the NJ Commission on Science and Technology, the idea morphed into a website and ultimately transformed into the interactive tool it is today. JD Giron competed against some very large IT companies to win the RFP. Their technical expertise and creativity as well as their customer focus were essential in the development of this unique and effective tool. The web tool has recently been submitted to “Innovations in America, Bright Ideas” for a federal award as an example of an innovation which can be translated far beyond its targeted audience.