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All, I wanted to share a question/answer interaction that happened between one of our Linkedin group members and I. This is to further instruct and expose an answer/clarification on the post 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Site for Local Search Visibility


George Trauten • JD – Under #2 could you explain what you mean by: List with the major search engines and “include complete and geographically driven content”. The content part – some examples of what you mean would make this more clear. Thanks


Jovanky Delossantos • Sure George, and thank you for your question. Basically, local SEO is still very keyword driven, like organic SEO. Therefore when you do local SEO you want to also leverage it’s organic capabilities. When you list with the major search engines, you want to make sure that the description of your business ALSO includes geographical information, so that when the Search Engines index it, they continue to “localize” your listing even further. Also your listing is just like any other website page and having your city and state in the description of your profile will help Search Engines pick up the listing on searches not using the regular [city],[state] format that generates the maps.

As an example of this “geographically driven content” term, I can say that “JD Giron, LLC, has been providing Search Engine Optimization Services in the New Jersey and New York area for over 10 years. From our headquarters in Lyndhurst, NJ, we have served companies of all sizes with services that help them obtain higher online visibility” etc…

I hope this helps, let me know if you have additional questions.