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Online Video Production

Online Video Production

Small business owners are beginning to learn one simple truth: online video is good for business. The Online Publishers Association recently published a report entitled "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior." According to the report, out of 80% of viewers who watched an online video ad, over half took some type of action. Nearly a third visited a related Web site, 22% looked for more information, 15% percent had gone to a store, and 12% made a purchase.
JD Giron has partnered with Turnhere to offer Online Video solutions to our clients. Turnhere is a leading Internet video production and advertising company that provides complete video marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. TurnHere creates online video marketing solutions featuring high-quality video content combined with promotion and distribution services that ensure your business is seen wherever people are watching video on the web.
Our online video service includes:
  • A custom video to showcase your business
  • Optimizing your video for search engines
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Streamlined production process
  • Professional Videographers who will come right to your business location
Not only are online videos great for converting visitors into customers, but they are also effective in driving traffic from search engines. Search engines index videos and tend to rank them higher than other types of content. Your video should also be distributed to services such as YouTube, Facebook, and social bookmarking sites. By distributing your online video throughout the web, you can create links back to your website, further increasing your search engine rankings.

Sample Video - Minor Rubber