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Alright, back to the keyboard! Today I want to talk bout trends, taste and the new things that are going on with visuals when it comes to Website Design. We are part of this business, and it is our duty to keep looking at how other creative people are using new techniques to bring freshness and modernness through their designs.

Message & Fonts.
New Trends in Web DesignEveryone, listen to me…now it all seems to be about the message and the fonts. That’s it! And I understand why and intend to apply this into our new designs (including the one of our own Website which is kind of due now).

So why Message? Well, there is nothing out there that can prevent anyone from competing with a fantastic design. However, what are businesses looking for? Businesses are looking for “CLIENTS” and during the first stages of selection, flashy, colorful designs are not necessarily driving the potential client’s decision to move to the second step, the MESSAGE is taking over instead.

And Why Fonts? Because fantastic looking fonts over a clean (sometimes all white) design is what is taking over heavily cluttered graphics. Besides, what can better support a great message than a fantastic looking set of fonts?

The messages I found on these websites were very direct, straight to the point and highly inspiring. Graphics were toned down, still there but less. And the fonts were there to highlight the beauty of a great message, with is really what’s essential here.