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Minor Rubber, Inc

Minor Rubber, Inc

Minor Rubber opened its doors in 1914 and has grown from a vendor of factor and mill goods to a distributor and manufacturer of industrial rubber components. Minor Rubber serves a variety of industries including electronics, aerospace, health care, construction, transportation, defense, and off road vehicle applications. Minor Rubber has been involved in every space program from Mercury to Apollo, and is proud to say that their parts were on the first lunar landing. Minor was started as a family owned and operated business, and remains so until this day.

The Problem
Minor had a small presence online, but it was a simple one page website that linked to a parts catalog. They had some traffic to the website, but they were not seeing any results in terms of generating leads. Minor needed to establish a more professional presence online, generate leads, and have a way to track results. Minor also had a product catalog from ThomasNet, a listing company for industrial material providers. They wanted a way to integrate this catalog into their new website.

The Solution
We developed a custom website design that gave Minor the professional image they were looking for. By spending time to consult with the folks at Minor and understand their business needs we were able to develop a website that spoke to their audience. We also integrated the ThomasNet catalog seamlessly into their new website. In addition, we added analytics into their site pages. Within the first week Minor saw the number of requests through the website contact for increase from no leads to three to four leads per day. After the first month they saw traffic to the website nearly doubled. Dramatic improvements to usability had a big impact on the number of leads being generated through the website. Now they have the ability to see, real time, how their website is performing, generate leads for sales, and calculate their ROI.

In addition, we helped them increase traffic to their site by building a website that was search engine friendly. Using our knowledge of SEO, we created an SEO friendly site which caused dramatic increases in the amount of search engine traffic being brought to the site.

Client Feedback
“JD Giron was very easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the site they created for us. They took the time to understand our business, our customers, and the products we sold to develop a site that truly represented us. Within one week the number of requests we received through our website doubled!”

- Josh Gordon, Minor Rubber

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