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Minor Rubber, Inc

Minor Rubber, Inc

In the beginning of 2009 Minor Rubber was exploring new ways of marketing our business. We held countless meetings trying to establish a fresh, up to date marketing plan. In the past Minor Rubber had focused heavily on print advertising in engineering publications, direct mail advertising and printed product catalogs. After evaluating the old methods and discussing new ideas, we realized that the best way for us to move forward was to focus on our website. A good friend of our company recommended JD Giron as a solution to our new marketing plan. We could not have found a more professional and knowledgeable firm to carry out this tough task.

Minor Rubber had a couple of unique requirements for the design of our site. Our first was that our new site had to be completely integrated with our robust online catalog hosted through ThomasNet, second we needed a way to develop more leads, which came in the form of an online quote request specific to our industry. JD Giron tackled these tasks with an enthusiastic and positive approach. They suggested ideas how to accomplish these tasks, explained how to accomplish them in the most effective manner and got them done in a timely fashion. Since then, our new site has seen our visitation increase in excess of 250% per day! Our online quote form has also helped not only bring in leads, but helped us decrease our quoting time due industry specific questions that have been included in the form.

I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Camlin and Jovanky De Los Santos on this project. The most impressive part of working with both of these gentlemen was the fact that at the start of this project they didn't know much about our business or our industry. However, they took the time to learn as much as they could in an effort to provide us with a professional website that properly represented Minor Rubber as a company. JDG will be our “go to firm” for all of internet marketing needs in the future.

Joshua M. Gordon
Marketing Director
Minor Rubber Company, Inc.

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