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Mamajuana Cafe Restaurants (Vida Group Consortium)

Client Name : Mamajuana Cafe Restaurants
Location : NY, NJ, FL, Dominican Republic
Project Date : 01/01/2012
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Mamajuana Cafe is a unique dining experience with deeply rooted traditions dating back centuries brought back to life for the 21st century diner by chef Ricardo Cardona, a pioneer of Nuevo Latino Cuisine, read more about Chef Cardona.

About this project:

JD Giron has worked with Vida Group for over 4 years now. This successful, long-lasting relationship has continued to grow based on the trust the company has in us. We are currently designing and managing all their websites. We have integrated their front ends with our Content Management System to allow them to manage, promotions, evens, content, multimedia, reservations, and their hours of operations successfully.