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Or how much is too much for a car? or how much is too much for a set of fancy porcelain china? The question can be asked in many forms, using any aspect, service or “thing” available for us to buy. The question is, what are you intending to get with your SEO? what is your current baseline? and the response is simple, if your intentions are met, then your SEO investment is worth it.

I will give you an example. We have a client in the Rubber Manufacturing industry. We recently developed a website for them, and also customized a ThomasNet catalog so it could flow from and to the main website as if they were one. Their baseline was that they were initially getting an average or 3.5 quote requests on a daily basis (already an improvement, as they didn’t get any online leads prior to our work).

Each converted lead represented an average of $3500 to them, and they converted about 1 for every 5 leads they received. This is very high (20%); due to the nature of their work and their credentials, they were able to convert at a high rate, but they wanted more. When they came to us for SEO, we promised to increase their “targeted” leads. We did not promise more traffic, we promised better quality traffic; traffic that would fill out the forms when they got to the website, people interested in what they did, not just traffic.

We quoted them for a 7k SEO job and they accepted. In a matter of 2 months, we have moved their most fierce keyword “Rubber Manufacturers” to the first page of Google, this represented a share of thousands of visitors a month between our client and its competitors. The other 24 keywords were also dramatically improved with the ranking as well.

Quality leads were increased from 3.5 to 6 per day. At a 20% conversion rate, that was 1.2 clients converted every day, at 3500 on average, we’re looking at $4200 per day. Now granted, this is a big company, with big clients. Their profit margin was 50%, which means they were making (only off the SEO) $2100 in profit. The SEO made them an additional $875 per day.

What does this all mean? this means that our client was able to pay off their SEO with 8 new customers generated by the campaign. And 4 more months remain with not only sustained results but “improved” ones. Their targeted lead average will increase with time.

Was it worth paying for SEO? ABSOLUTELY!!

This however does not work the same way for all companies. In order to determine if SEO is cost effective for your company, you need to hire a professional who can tell you the estimated traffic for the chosen keywords. If they can promise sustained improvements on those keywords, think of a no-fail number of clients you need to pay for the SEO price. Calculate your profits per client and determine how many clients you need to pay for the SEO. If you can pay for the SEO and make a profit, then SEO is not expensive.

SEO is a great investment, but you need a responsible, honest provider to give you sound, sensitive and achievable expectations. Figure your numbers and you will see, that 9 out of 10, SEO will pay off for you.