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Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Does your company find itself in a moment of need for operational improvement? Are you thinking of a great solution for a particular vertical? Or are you an individual who is looking to partner with an IT development team?

While there is plenty of fish in the sea, you will find that most IT providers lack creativity and vision. JD Giron puts together “Creativity” and “Technology” to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions regardless of the nature, scope or technology involved.
As a full-service Software Development organization, JD Giron is able to analyze your base requirements and scale its operations to meet your needs and deadlines. Regardless of the needed technology, we can help you and your business develop solutions that are custom-fit, efficient, secure, and well implemented.

We stand behind our products

Yes we do, we are very proud of what we build, but we understand that in any development cycle as well as in post-deployment processes, nothing is ever perfect. This is why we stand behind our software applications by providing unmatchable support and service for as long as it is needed.

Our Experience

JD Giron’s professionals are long-term IT developers, project managers, software architects and user experience managers coming from various industries. Our clients include large organizations such as AllState, Verrex Global, Blue Apple Telecom, Rutgers University, and the Vida Group Consortium. Our interactions have been extremely successful as with each of our clients because we are not fully satisfied until our clients are.

Our Process
We clearly define the project outline, expectations, time-frames, users, current technology, and reusable opportunities. 
While we feel we stand out, our process is based on current development standards and follow the systematic approach currently utilized in the industry. It is our creativity, user experience approach and support that make us shine in the dark.