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Birthday Reminder Software

Birthday Reminder Software

Azucar Cuban Cuisine (In Jersey City, NJ) thought of a great promotional procedure to increase client loyalty. They incorporated a process that collected birthday dates from existing clients and used this data to offer specials to them when it was close to their Birthdays.

The Process:
The collection of the birth dates would have to be done by the hostess, passing along a piece of paper and then typing them into an MS Excel database. Then on a regular basis, an employee would need to look at these dates and send an email to a particular contact based on the birthday's proximity to the current date.

The Problem:
All this work needed to be done manually and it took quite a bit of time and cumbersome effort to get it done. Due to this, they decided to suspend this process until they found a more efficient way to execute it.

The Solution:
JD Giron, opened a portal to obtain birthday information from their newly created website (using a web form). Due to the current traffic of the site, we decided this would be the best way to collect this data and stored it into an SQL database.

We then created an application that reads the stored date information and sends automatic emails to all the clients that are about to reach their birthdays. The application has been extended to allow the client to manage the message, an email server, and other aspects of the application.

This software runs automatically and it requires no user manipulation whatsoever.

Azucar Cuban Cuisine's personnel does no longer need to interact with this process since it takes care of itself automatically. They are thrilled to have such a tool and be able to spend this time doing other more important duties.

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