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B2BSoft CRM Implementation Requirements

Client Name : B2B Soft, Inc.
Location : New York, NY
Project Date : 01/17/2012
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B2B Soft provides vertical business software solutions to improve management, Point-of-Sale and operational business processes for wireless and general retail markets.  Specifically serving Wireless Retail for more than eight years and a leader in building Enterprise Point-of-Sale solutions, B2B Soft's platform enables companies to engage their customers through proven technology, reliable communication, transactional excellence and management efficiency - offering a great customer experience and increased revenue capability.

Their need to implement a company-wide, well-integrated Customer Relations Management (CRM) System brougth them to JD Giron. Their goal was to ensure all the areas of their organization could collaborate more effectively, while integrating existing solutions with Customer data, managed across-the-board.

JD Giron worked with them in establishing baselines and studying their current environment, creating comprehensive Busines Requirement documentation and helping with the implementation and training of their personnel. This CRM tool is intended to improve sales, support, development, billing and other arease of the organization.