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Azucar Cuban Cuisine

Azucar Cuban Cuisine

My husband and I own and operate a very successful restaurant in Jersey City, NJ. After running our own website for several years we decided it was time for a professionally produced and executed website. I turned to JD Giron after coming across a website they had produced for another restaurant that was very nicely done.

Right from the start, Jovanky De Los Santos and his staff were the epitome of professionalism. I was pretty clear in what I wanted to achieve with my website and JDG offered concrete solutions. I was looking for an engaging, interactive website that would draw potential customers and create repeat traffic. I had some challenging issues such as creating a birthday database that would send out emails to customers that were having a birthday. Moreover I wanted to maintain control over events, photo galleries, menus and several other components. JDG attacked the project head on. First, they brought a professional photographer to the restaurant for what turned out to be a full day shoot of food and the restaurant. Then they used my input and their own creative genius to put together several templates for my approval. Once we agreed to the concept, they went full steam ahead tackling each project and all the while keeping me informed of their progress.

Once the website launched, we achieved record visits to our website with an average of 200+ visits per day within just weeks. The traffic has been phenomenal and we have gotten several emails from customers telling us how much they enjoyed visiting our website.

Even after the website was up and running, we continued to tweak it and JDG was proactive in offering potential solutions to our questions even working on the weekends to make sure we got what we were looking for.

I am happy to say that I would gladly recommend (and already have) JD Giron to anyone serious about getting a professionally executed website with distinct style. This is a company not only interested in earning your business, but eager to maintain it and establishing a lasting business relationship.

Ivette & Nick Vazquez
Azucar Cuban Cuisine & Cigars

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