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AllState (Lead Distribution System)

AllState (Lead Distribution System)

AllState agencies are in the constant nurturing of new and recycled leads. With this purpose they hire external lead distribution services that often obtain requests from people using internet forms.

These leads are then distributed to all subscribers of the service. As a client of these distribution services, the AllState agency was then to distribute these leads internally amongst their employees and then create reporting on all the contact information from the lead as well as the internal receiver of each lead.

The Problem:
All this work needed to be done manually and it took aproximately 2 hours from an employee to complete this task throught each day.

The Solution
JD Giron created a small batch application that obtained these leads from the different providers and rotated the distribution internally in a round-robin way. Additionally, these leads were entered into an MS Excel report including all the pertinent information.
All this is now happening automatically and this task no longer requires the agent's interaction in any way. Now the AllState agency is able to concentrate the extra 2 hours in other important tasks or in closing the shop early and save energy.

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