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  • Again with false cheap SEO promises
Once again, I’m here to tell stories about things that happen to me on a regular basis. Once again attacking ignorance and raising awareness on the never-ending mission of “the clowns” as I like to call them. See, in this industry of Internet Marketing and Web Design, anyone can deceive business owners with complicated words and unachievable promises. So let me tell my story….

One of my clients (undisclosed name), who is in the Telecom Industry sends me an email today asking me to paste a piece of code an SEO expert had provided to him while giving him promises of improved rankings and traffic. Here is his email:

“Hello. Your Seo code is ready. Please install this into the homepage of your website and within 6 months you will see a huge increase in visitors and serps.

<title>Cheap Calls | Discounted Phone Calls | Cheap International Calling</title>

<meta content=”CompanyName.com specializes in cheap calls, discounted phone calls, cheap international calling, calling card alternatives, & cheap long distance calls. Call anywhere at a low rate!” />

<meta content=”Cheap calls, discounted phone calls, cheap international calling, calling card alternatives, cheap long distance calls, call, calling, calls, phonecalls, phone calls, cheap phone calls, discount phone calls, calling anywhere cheap, call anywhere cheap, collect call alternatives, collect calling alternatives, call internationally cheap, international discounted calls.” />

<meta content=”index,follow” />

<meta content=”xxxxxxx.com” />

Thank you


Basically, this individual (Albert) is promising my client “Huge increase in visitors” by just putting this code on his “home page”. This individual (Albert) sells SEO on EBAY for $5.00, and people actually buy it. His service is to provide this “SEO CODE” and the promise of huge rankings and traffic, and there was my client almost falling for it. The question is, why wasn’t my client looking to do SEO from me instead? And the answer is, because of those misleading promises going around online, he believes our SEO is too expensive.

Before I close this post, I just want to say, SEO requires previous keyword analysis, competition analysis, on page optimization (which includes this code but not stuffed of keywords as this one is), and link building. It is specific to “every page” of your website based on a thorough selection of keywords. It also takes time and effort and therefore it is not cheap. However, SEO is a great investment and it pays off several times over.

This promise is the same as if someone was selling you a Aston Martin for $200.00.

I’ll leave this to your consideration.