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  • 3 Phrases or signs to watch out for when hiring an Online Visibility provider
Generally, every crooked service provider has an attractive pitch to catch your attention with; also, generally their success is indirectly proportional to your level of understanding and education around their product or service. My “Public Service” of the day, is to provide you with a few common phrases, sentences and words that should make you slow down and look closer in your decision making process. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from them, let’s not stereotype and discriminate, but just take the time to ensure you are doing a smart buy, also find your other options and compare.
  1. 1st Page of Google GUARANTEED! – Watch out, when you hear this phrase, you should ask whether the promise is for the Organic Results or for Paid Placement. If it is for Paid Placement or PPC (Pay Per Click), this can easily be achieved by just bidding at the required level. For more information about PPC and Organic results, visit our post here. But if their answer is “organic results” definitely go more in depth in questioning what is their strategy and how they can make such a guarantee before looking at your specific case, competitiveness of your field and budget. Very important! There is another one of our posts addressing this topic if you’re interested in reading about it.
  2. Buy QUALITY TRAFFIC! – And then the list packages of traffic bulks based on prices. I won’t tell you to look closer or consider this, I will tell you to flat out RUN AWAY from them as fast as you can. You want targeted traffic, people looking for you. This requires analysis to find whether there is opportunity in your market, competition levels and other factors. You don’t just need traffic, you need quality leads, as one of our posts says “You sell fruit, do you want meat buyers?”
  3. Cheap SEO, only $199.00 / year (just to say a very low price): – There isn’t a specific price for SEO, sure there are packages most clients fall into, but the final price will be based (again) on thorough analysis. Two different markets may require different pricing; therefore the analysis is a must. Also and plainly, if it sounds too cheap, it probably isn’t what you’re looking for; SEO is a great investment and it pays off big time, but it certainly ain’t cheap!
Also keep in mind that before you can pay for SEO, your provider needs to show you that there is OPPORTUNITY for you to capitalize on SEO. If your services are not on demand on the Internet, then you will easily rank your keywords but no traffic will ever come to you. Look for an honest, qualified SEO provider.